Experience HOTEL LIVE!

Step into rock star status (Or “Live like a rock star”). Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a new hotel brand designed to make you the center of your stay. You’ll have VIP access to daily concerts and live events. While you’re here, the story is all about you. But don’t worry, we’ll keep the fans and the paparazzi away. During your time with us, you’ll have “backstage” access to your spa suite on a genre/artist-specific floor complete with an ultra-size bed and personalized recording studio with instruments and microphone. It’s time to finally channel your rock star. You’ll be whisked away on a narrative that explores each artist’s journeys throughout their careers showcasing their history, culture, and influence within the industry. When you get hungry, we have a celebrity-endorsed restaurant specializing in steaks and sushi. Enjoy cocktails and drinks while our staff caters to your cravings. After dinner, drinks, and concert relax while you cozy up to your in-room fireplace, or step into a steam shower and feel completely rejuvenated in minutes. You’ll also have a whirlpool tub, fit for a rock star, to soak in. Our LIVE! Event Center will bring you closer to the action than you’ve ever been and have you wondering if you’re dreaming or if this is really happening. Start living like a rock star.
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